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Blue Planet Security Corporation Presents secure-key (tm)
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Ultimate High Security Durable Key Tag & Stainless Steel Key Rings with Free Lifetime Tracking

Full Money Back Guarantee. No Yearly Fees Ever.

Secure-Keys is the best product to keep your Home/Work or Vehicle/House keys from getting lost or stolen during travel or daily use. There is no other product like this. You get a choice of two kits. One has two high security tags, two stainless steel keychains plus an identification wallet card. The second provides 5 key tags, 5 stainless steel cables and 3 identification wallet cards.

Keys are probably one of your most valuable possessions. Whether they open your car, unlock your home, or enable access to your business premises, you would simply be lost without them. But have you considered what you would do if you lost your keys? Would the finder be able to identify you as the owner and would you be able to safely recover your lost keys? If you have a late model auto, then the key also includes a fob with an RFID chip. These auto keys are very expensive ranging from $100 to $300 to replace. This is alot different than getting a key made at your local store for $3.00.

Two key tags shown from front, one from back side, with stainless steel cables. Secure-Keys tags are designed to do several things better than any other product. First, it is designed so that your key ring does not get lost or stolen in the first place. Second, if it is lost, the tag is designed to speed the recovery and return of your keys.

Third, the tag is very unique, making it easier to spot your keys and saving you time. Plus it provides personal security by not including your name and address. Losing your keys with your personal identification attached would be an invitation to burglary and theft. No other key tag even comes close. In addition, you receive a laminated wallet card with your registration number and full instructions. You can use the card to prove the keys are yours.

Secure-Keys is also ideal for transportation fleets, school districts, large businesses and others. It can be customized with company logo, bar codes, RFID tags and with your contact information. It is also ideal for city and county bus and other transportation fleets to control keys. Ideal for school systems to control keys and obtain lost key return. Please visit our companion site for institutional and bulk orders at Or just buy our Stainless Steel Key Ring Cables like other cities have already done.

Secure-Keys (tm) includes:
* 2 Home/Work or Vehicle/Home Key Tags and 2 stainless steel keyrings
* Easy to Spot Large 1" x 1.5" tags with overall size
of 1.25 x 1.75 Inch Heat Sealed Plastic.
* Printed on 32lb. Hammermill Paper for Color Lasers.
* Unique Registration Number Printed on the Tag.
* Free Lifetime Registration/Tracking, Available 24/7/365.
* The Thickest Available Plastic Tag, 10 mil., Heat Sealed.
* Cleanly Die Cut on a Hydralic Press. Smooth Edges, Rounded Corners.
* Plastic Laminated Business Card Size Wallet Card with Your Registration Number and Instructions.
* Exclusive heat sealed Big Hole that allows more secure attachment to your keys.
PLUS an aluminum eyelet making it impossible for it to be separated from the key ring.
* 2 Stainless Steel 6" Cables, 1.5mm Thick. Top Quality Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel.
* Complete System with 2 Key Tags, 2 Stainless Steel key rings, 1 Wallet Card. Only $14.95

You also receive a laminated wallet size card with your registration number and instructions on what to do if one of your key rings is lost. Should there ever be a dispute, the card proves you own the keys.

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How Secure-Keys Protects Your Keys-

There are different threats to your Home/Work Keys or Vehicle/Home Keys and secure-key addresses them all in a convenient and low cost system. Short of using GPS transmitters inside of your key rings, secure-key is the best option for the price. The tags are virtually indestructable in normal usage and the strap provided to connect them is permanent as the stainless steel cables are multi-filament and nearly impossible to break.

Lets look at your other options.

You can use ordinary keys tags with your name and address. Most key tags are also cheap and can easily come off your key rings and are easy for people to remove. If your key ring is lost and has no identification, it is lost forever.

Using an old fashioned tag with your name, address and telephone number on key tags invites theft and burglary, even possibly a home invasion robbery. If you put your name and telephone number on a tag, it is easy for a criminal to look up your address. We do not put your address or telephone number on the tag. We think that letting a potential thief know where you live, when they have your keys, is an invitation for disaster.

You can continue to use the standard slip ring if you like as the eyelet hole in the tags is large enough to allow you to attach the tag to most standard slip rings and other types of key rings.

The key tags offered by the competition are plastic, mostly identical to the customer reward tags you are given by retailers. The plastic will end up breaking at the attachment hole as there is only a thin piece of plastic there. The decorative side of the tag is well coated and will survive for a couple of years. However, the important side with the registration number and contact information is printed and coated with a thinner layer of ink and lamination as it passes through a high speed press. That layer will begin to wear off in less than a year. Only secure-key has 10 milimeters of hard plastic protecting the paper tag on each side.

Do Not Copy
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Key Ring Tags

Do Not Copy key tags

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Free Lifetime REGISTRATION of Your Key Ring Included

The back of the Secure-Keys includes information on how to return the key ring if it lost and someone finds it. The tag has a unique registration number. This also helps to make sure your key ring is not stolen. The back of the tag includes full information on contacting Blue Planet Security Corporation to locate the key ring owner. We provide an email address, web site address, a toll free 800 number for the U.S. and a standard telephone number of use anywhere the 800 number will not work.

secure-key tag shown in use with Blue plastic coated stainless steel cable. If your key ring is lost, simply send us email or go online to our web site. Or, give us a call (24 hours a day) and let us know how you can be contacted wherever you are. When your key ring turns up, we can give the finder a local number to reach you at. We provide a convenient laminated wallet card with all of our contact information and your personal registration number. If there is ever any dispute over who owns a set of keys, your wallet card proves that you are the owner.

The registration service is free for life. When you receive your order, be sure to go online at and register your tags.

How the 800 Number Helps You!

In the United States we provide an 800 number on Secure-Keys. This makes it easy for the finder to contact us at no expense to them. It also provides an additional security feature. If the person calling us changes their mind or otherwise does not follow up, we have the telephone number they called from. This number can be provided to the police and they can track down the caller and likely get your keys back. The number calling our 800 number is automatically recorded. It is called ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and unlike Caller ID, this number can not be blocked.

When we say Secure-Keys is the "ULTIMATE" Home and Work Key Tag, we are NOT kidding.

Store Owners: Contact Us for Wholesale Pricing. Minimum order is only 4 kits and includes a free counter display rack.

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secure-key Kit, 2 Tags, 2 Stainless Steel Cables, 1 ID Card

Kit includes two key tags, two stainless steel cables, plus a wallet card.
UPC: 634385401918

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5 Key Tag Kit, 5 Stainless Steel Cables, 3 Wallet ID Cards

Kit with 5 Key Tags, 5 Cables, 3 Wallet ID Cards,

Kit includes 5 key tags, 5 stainless steel cables, plus 3 wallet cards.
UPC: 634385401451

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Key Ring Cables

Steel Cables in Stock ready to ship
Stainless Steel Key Ring Cables
6 Inch Length. $3.00 Each.
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All of our cables are High-Grade
NON-MAGNETIC Stainless Steel.

Instructions: Use pliers to securely tighten key ring cables. Add a drop of super glue to the non-threaded end to make more permanent. Screw tight immediately.

Custom Lengths of Stainless Steel Cables, Click

We are not a reseller, we are the manufacturer. All products are made in America.

Internet's Best Price and Most Complete High Security Luggage Kit

SecureBag-Tag offers the ultimate secure luggage tag system. Order secure-key at the same time and we will produce them all with the same serial number.

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